Commercial Property

commercial property


  • We manage residential and commercial properties and car parks.
  • We manage properties from individual units to large property portfolios.
  • We offer a 365 days 24 hours emergency service for managed properties.
  • We provide a tailor made package to suit each client.
  • We carry out weekly property inspections on all block management.
  • We have access to highly skilled and trustworthy maintenance personnel on a 24 hour basis at the most competitive and negotiated rates.
  • We ensure all property is professionally maintained.
  • We provide regular communication with landlords.
  • We have a strict approach to management fee collection.
  • For managed properties we arrange insurance of public areas, cleaning, landscaping, refuse removal, security, pest control, insure all properties are compliant with Health and Safety regulations, arrange building energy rating (BER Certs) provide consistent maintenance of emergency lightening, lifts, automatic gates, ventilation systems, fire prevention systems, we check and pay invoices, monitor and pay subcontractors, handle insurance claims, auditing and banking and a 24 hour emergency call out service.
  • We respond to residents complaints.
  • We ensure each managed property has a sinking fund.
  • We organise and preside over the Annual General Meeting and any other meetings that may take place.
  • We adhere to our privacy policy which ensures that information acquired in the course of communication with clients will not be sold or passed on or made available to any third party.
  • Our fees for Management vary in accordance with the type, nature and location of properties but are always competitive.
  • We organise “Building Energy Rating” BER Certs.
  • Contact us today for a no obligation quotation.
  • Licence No. 001343004440 & 001094-001076